What we do

Virtual Assistant

Message Handling and Scheduling – Handling your messages and your calendar is our expertise. With our respectful and dynamic VAs, we will project your branding to prospective clients from the first welcome greeting. We will schedule your appointments efficiently and even help to adjust them to your last-minute needs. We will also handle your messages with ease and accurate documentation and guarantee that you won’t miss a beat.

Telemarketing – Looking for someone to prospect clients for your products and services over the phone? Our telemarketing specialists can handle the delicate task of making the sale without the hard-sell and introducing your company to over a hundred prospects a day.

Facebook Marketing – Want more likes and shares to increase your brand’s exposure and broaden your reach to the market? Need to spread the word of your business in specific groups or just to the Facebook public? Why not both? Allow us to utilize the world’s top social network to help you reach viral status.

Real Estate Research and Documentation –  Finding listings and leads to build your network are among the top priorities in real estate. Our VAs are on top of researching great potential listings and clients, and ensuring proper and client-friendly documentation.

Event Management – Need someone to handle your guest list, follow-up on sponsorships or suppliers, and remind you of any item in your timeline for an upcoming event that you’re organizing? You can rely on us to take off the time-consuming grunt work from your hands so you can focus on perfecting the little touches to make that special event stand out even more.

Account Receivable Invoicing and Follow-up – Count on us to ensure that your Accounts Receivables are properly invoiced and organized depending on your company’s needs. Even more, we will follow-up on your clients to ensure that your receivables are converted to payments.

General Admin Assistance – Whether it be in the field of real estate, retail, or hotel and restaurant, general administration is one of our main competencies. Handling paperwork, transactions, billing, scheduling and calls are just a few of the tasks we expertly do. Our capable VAs make it our business to help you handle your business.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant (General Admin) –  A General Admin Assistant for Real Estate is responsible for your paperwork and real estate transactions. Depending on your needs, we will also be in charge of creating your marketing materials, developing and maintaining your social media network, and updating your blogs and online ad.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant (Appointment Setter) –  An Appointment Setter Inside Sales Agent for Real Estate will manage your leads, calling and following up on them to set appointments with your clients, all with proper documentation. We will handle your calendar and respond to inquiries via calls or email. In addition, we will also support in your administrative, telemarketing and IT needs.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant (Transaction Coordinator) – A Transaction Coordinator assists the agent and broker in the processing of the real estate file. We will gather all information and paperwork of the contractual items and follow up on them to expedite the entire process.