Our Company Profile

Transmedd Medical Services, Inc. 

A World Class People Company

Transmedd Medical Services Incorporated started in 2006 in the Philippines as a medical transcription and health information management services provider for the American healthcare industry.

After the ARRA/HITECH Act of 2009 encouraged widespread adoption and meaningful use of Electronic Health records, Transmedd worked with its US-based partner, Apex Healthcare Solutions, to develop standards and secure IT tools for quality Virtual Medical Assistants (VMA).

Transmedd initially sent nurses to take accredited courses with the American Association of Sleep Medicine (AASM) for Sleep scoring and sleep center administration.  Their graduates passed the US Inter-Scorer Reliability gold standard and proceeded to provide scoring and administrative services.

Transmedd VMA’s daily and monthly reports allowed even small practices to use Quality tools like Pareto and Fishbone analyses to improve clinical operations.

Transmedd then took a bigger role in medical back office services through developing virtual medical assistants that took care of incoming faxes and voicemails, verifying and pre-authorizing insurance, summarizing labs, preparing charts, coordinating referrals and scheduling patients.

In 2018, Transmedd started its call center office-based operations to give it the option of home-based and call center-based services.  It also started its Virtual Receptionist services that not only drastically reduced call waiting times, but by analyzing and acting on call data, reduced staff call volume by targeting specific tasks.

Transmedd worked with its US counterparts to develop an intensive VMA Boot Camp for virtual medical assistants that not only laid down the fundamentals for back office support and also gave both trainees and trainers the chance to assess the readiness of each participant.  This boot camp, which covers areas like HIPAA/ARRA privacy, Clinical Processes, Health Insurance, geography and cultural sensitivity and Electronic Medical Records.   Between the boot camp and the preliminary steps that include cognitive tests, auditions, interviews and professional background checks, only one out of ten applicants make it as Transmedd virtual assistants.

As a testimony to the quality of its management, work environment and services, many of its original employees and clients continue to work with Transmedd to this day.  

Transmedd ventured into consulting and special projects that helped clients receive national accreditation for operations like AASM and ACHC, as well as educational event accreditation from AAFP and AAST.  Other special services include HIPAA risk analysis, grant writing, and research.  Transmedd also offers non-medical virtual assistance like virtual bookkeeping and web development.

Now on its thirteenth year and serving in six states, Transmedd continues to expand its services to help small and medium-sized practices and businesses to stay productive and profitable.  It has helped physicians to not only be paperless but also office-less through the adoption of Telehealth and a coordinated suite of practice solutions and virtual assistants.

Transmedd is an accredited partner of Texas-based Apex Healthcare Solutions (www.apexteleserv.com)